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“The Third Industrial Revolution”

June 2016

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association has been educating the Public about the benefits of the pollution free, Solar Hydrogen Energy based economy since 1992. Located in the Silicon Valley between the major cities of San Francisco and San Jose, California, the chapter has access to tens of thousands of highly educated and innovative people who have been instrumental in creating the ideas that have created the world wide information based economy. and are now changing transportation and buildings to solar hydrogen powered electric with a smart grid!

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Pathways to hydrogen fuel

H-ION Solar hydrogen barbeque

You tube address for new DEMO video of EL-5000 portable electrolyzer from HySolGenics.


5 kW/hr solar hydrogen fueling system. This model comes in two versions, Either as a stationary version with a grid plug in power supply or as a trailer portable version with fan fold deployable solar panels. It includes an electrolyzer, compressor, storage tank, water and hydrogen filters and a 10,000 psi (700 Bar) fueling hose for filling fuel cell electric vehicles.

NEW! From HySolGenics, Inc

PARIS, FRANCE.  COP21-One hundred ninety five nations states from around the world have signed off on a plan to move the world off of a fossil carbon fueled economy and on to an economy powered by natural solar energy. Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, etc. Every form of natural energy capture, storage and smart transmission is required. The one item no one is talking about is HYDROGEN.

This lack of HYDROGEN consciousness is a key failure of the system concept. Natural energy, in terms of solar and wind are only fully available 30-35% of the time. All around the globe wind and solar generated electricity is being wasted because the generation times do not match the use times. The only way to store vast quantities of natural energy is as HYDROGEN fuel.

ANNOUNCEMENT-  FREE HYDROGEN RADIO - is now streaming on line at  EPISODES I to XIII are on line and more are being added every week. Get onto the site and click “listen”

FREE HYDROGEN RADIO EPISODES are audio essays about how shifting from fossil fuels to HYDROGEN can help stop the already visible ravages of global warming and resultant climate change. The world is already suffering a trillion dollars of extreme weather damage every year and all scientific projections are that it will get much worse. Today the world can still recover from these weather ravages, after 2025 probably not! So we must implement HYDROGEN now! John Gotthold- FREE HYDROGEN RADIO

This is a new larger unit coming from HySolGenics.

Its designation is HSG-HFS-20kW and it is a full 20 kilowatt- hours per hour (0.6 kilogram, 11 cubic meters) per hour hydrogen fuel generator.

Its only required inputs are sunlight and water and the exhaust from burning the hydrogen fuel is always pure water vapor.

One of these M2-HFS-20kW portable stations will provide sufficient hydrogen to refill a fuel cell automobile and run a home fuel cell every day. Trailer is four X eight feet.

HySolGenics R& D Center hydrogen fueling station. This station produces up to five kW-hr/hr of hydrogen fuel and stores two kilograms at up to 2,200 psi

HySolGenics 1.25 kW Electrolyzer

First Production model! This unit can scale up to 5 kW.

This is the new HySolGenics Disaster Relief System. Designated as HSG-5kW-SHFS-DRS it is a five kilowatt portable solar hydrogen fueling system that requires only sunlight and water to make and store hydrogen fuel and provide electrical and heat power to support all the necessities for disaster recovery, 24/7 ,as long as it is needed.

This is the HSG “Power Pack” portable hydrogen fuel cell power system. It’s fuel cell puts out up to 500 Watts for ten hours and takes one minute to refill.

The HySolGenics Disaster Relief System provides these features.

1. It runs on sunlight and water and is therefore pollution and carbon free and operates 24/7/365.

2. The system can produce hundreds of gallons per day of pure deionized water.

3. The system supports communication with power for a wifi hot spot, cell phone and computer charging and loud speakers.

4. The system provides hydrogen burners for cooking up to 100 meals per day.

5. The system supports pumps and compressors for transferring water and pumping up inflatables.

6. The system provides hot water for up to one hundred showers per day.

7. The system provides area night lighting for continuing operations all night long.

8. The system provides AC and DC electrical power for medical system support.

9. The system provides both an electrical vehicle charging station and a hydrogen vehicle refueling dispenser.

10. The system provides a stabilization (leveling ) system and tie downs to withstand any weather.

11. The system can operate from -22 to +125 F ( -30 to +52 C ).

12. The system can be completely reassembled and redeployed with one half hour.

The picture shows the 6 kilowatt fan fold solar array deployed. For transport the solar array folds up and tucks into the back of the trailer housing. Thus the system can be set up and fully operational within half an hour.

ALERT ! ALERT!  ALERT!   DATELINE  INDIA- HEAT WAVE has already killed over 1,400 people and the monsoons aren’t expected for weeks.  Phaiodi town experienced over 50 C (124 F). Welcome to global warming with a vengeance!